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How to Qualify for a USDA Loan in Monongahela, Pennsylvania

It might not feel like you are in a rural area when you are walking on Route 88 in downtown Monongahela, but you are still in an eligible area for the USDA Rural Development Loan. 

Monongahela USDA Loan

USDA loans allow homebuyers to purchase a house with no down payment and often no need for any money due at closing.

Two Ways to Buy a Home USing the USDA Mortgage Program with no money needed at closing.jpg

Monongahela USDA Income Requirements

Homebuyers need to show enough to qualify but they can not have more household income than the amounts in this table.

Monongahela USDA Income table.png


Key Criteria for Qualifying for a USDA Loan

  • credit scores of 640 have an easier approval

  • credit scores between 580 and 640 still have a chance at approval if current housing history can be documented through a bank account and the primary reason for the lower score is due to medical collections

  • no down payment required

  • closing costs can possibly be paid by the seller or can be included in the final loan amount

  • household income must be high enough to qualify for approval but must also be below the USDA maximum income level for Washington County

Monongahela is served by the Ringgold School District. The rest of Ringgold School District in also located in a USDA eligible area including New Eagle, Donora, and Finleyville.

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