Cumberland County Pennsylvania USDA Loan

What areas of Cumberland County are eligible for the USDA Mortgage Program?

The two areas in Cumberland County that are restricted from this program can mainly be found in the area right across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. Areas of Cumberland County that are deemed too densely populated for USDA Eligibility include the Harrisburg metro area towns of Enola, Mechanicsburg, Lemoyne, Shiremanstown, and Camp Hill. Shortly outside of the Harrisburg metro area, the county becomes USDA Eligible again until we reach Carlisle. The city limits of Carlisle are also zoned as ineligible for USDA financing. Essentially if you live in Cumberland County and you are outside of the Carlisle city limits and the Harrisburg metro area, then you are in an area that is geographically eligible for the No Down Payment USDA Mortgage Program.

The largest towns in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania that are eligible for a USDA loan include Shippensburg, Schlusser, and Boiling Springs.

Most of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania is Eligible for the USDA Mortgage Program. These two urban pockets of Carlisle and the metro section across the Susquehanna from Harrisburg are too populated and therefore Not Eligible.

To check to see if a specific home in Cumberland County Pennsylvania is USDA Eligible call 717-745-8380 or email

USDA Eligible Areas in Cumberland County Pennsylvania


Eligible Towns

  • Boiling Springs

  • Caprivi

  • Carlisle Springs

  • Dillsburg Junction

  • Donnellytown

  • Hickorytown

  • Hogestown (parts)

  • Hunters Run

  • Huntsdale

  • Hustons Mill

  • McCrea

  • Mount Holly Springs

  • New Kingstown

  • Newburg

  • Newville

  • Oakville

  • Pine Grove Furnace

  • Plainfield

  • Schlusser

  • Shippensburg

  • Toland

  • Upper Mill

  • Uriah

  • Walnut Bottom

  • Washington Heights

  • any obvious rural locations

Eligible Townships

  • Cooke Township

  • Dickinson Township

  • Hopewell Township

  • Lower Frankford Township

  • Lower Mifflin Township

  • Middlesex Township

  • Monroe Township

  • North Middleton Township

  • North Newton Township

  • Penn Township

  • Shippensburg Township

  • Silver Spring Township

  • South Middleton Township

  • South Newton Township

  • Southampton Township

  • Upper Frankford Township

  • Upper Mifflin Township

  • West Pennsboro Township

  • all other areas are eligible


Note: This list is an indicator of USDA Eligible Areas for the County but does not necessarily include every possible eligible area. If you do not see your town listed, feel free to contact us to double check. If you are in a rural area and do not see your town listed above, you are in a USDA Eligible Area.

Cumberland County Pennsylvania USDA Household Income Limits 

Income Table.png

If your Income is higher than the listed figures, you may still be able to qualify. The USDA allows for several deductions which may allow your Household Income to fit within their Maximum Adjusted Income Guidelines.   

Deductions to reduce your USDA Household Income Calculation

  • $480 for each minor child living in the household

  • $480 for any student living in the household who is not on the mortgage application

  • $400 for each disabled household member who is not on the mortgage application

  • Documented Child Care Expenses for household members under the age of 13

  • Documented Medical/Disability Expenses for household members age 62 or older (this deduction is allowable if the expense exceeds 3% of the household income)