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100% USDA Loan in Finleyville, Pennsylvania

Finleyville PA has been zoned as eligible for the USDA rural mortgage loan program.  Any home located within the Borough of Finleyville has the potential to be eligible for 100% financing with the USDA rural loan program.

The USDA program is often referred to by the following names...

  • USDA Loan

  • USDA Rural Loan

  • USDA Mortgage

  • USDA Home Loan

  • Rural Development Loan

No matter what we call it, all of these names have one key highlight in common...

USDA loans allow eligible homebuyers to purchase a home with no down payment required  

In addition, USDA loans also allow two different ways for a homebuyer have the closing costs covered.  As a result, USDA loans can often be arranged so there is no money due from a buyer at closing.   Among the most common mortgage programs, the ability to finance the closing costs into a purchase loan is a feature that is unique to the USDA program.

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Finleyville USDA Loan Maximum Household Income


How does a home in Finleyville  become eligible for the USDA rural loan program?

From a geographic standpoint, properties located in Finleyville are automatically eligible for the USDA rural loan program.

The USDA does have conditions for property condition.  The home should be free of the need for major repair or safety issues.  The USDA program generally requires that homes be “move in ready”.    The USDA uses the real estate appraiser as their eyes on the property.  If the appraiser flags the property for any repairs, those items will need to be corrected before the transaction can close.

USDA Common Appraisal Repair Items 

  • cracked windows

  • plumbing problems

  • stuck doors or window

  • frayed wiring

  • unheated rooms

  • foundation issues

  • peeling paint on older homes (due to possible lead)

  • outlets without ground fault interupters too close to a water source


 Mingo Creek on an early Spring day in 2019