Everything you need to know about USDA Loans in Gilbertsville PA

USDA Loans allow homebuyers to purchase a home in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania with no down payment and often with no money due at closing.

Ok, great… how do I qualify for a USDA loan?

There are three components to qualifying for a USDA loan…

1) The Home

2) Your Income

3) Your Credit


What kind of home can qualify for a USDA loan? 

The USDA has restrictions on property location and property type. 

USDA Property Location

All homes in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania are geographically eligible for a USDA Loan.  The USDA has no location restrictions in Gilbertsville.   


USDA Property  Type 

The USDA allows loans for Single Family Residences, eligible Condos, Manufactured homes, and Modular homes.  The USDA requires that the home be “move in ready”. This is not a program for buying a “fixer upper”.


What type of Income is needed to qualify  for a USDA Loan?   

The USDA has maximum income limits for each Pennsylvania County.  All of Montgomery County, including Gilbertsville, has the following income limits... 


What type of Credit Score is needed to qualify  for a USDA Loan?

If you have at least a 640 score, you will have an easier path to a USDA loan approval.   It is possible to get approved with a score below 640, but the approval will be require some additional verification such as documented rental history, solid job history, and possible some verifiable reserves in a bank statement


To review your options about buying a house in Gilbertsville with a USDA Loan, call us or email us and we will answer your questions. Other towns in Montgomery County are also eligible for a USDA Loan. Enter the name of your town in the Search Box below to learn more information.

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